Currently Loving: Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells

via (1) Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys (The Hills Remix) (Audio) – YouTube

I am IN LOVE with this entire album, every single song! I know Tauren Wells as the lead singer of the former band Royal Tailor, but didn’t know till recently that he branched out on a solo career.

When I say every single song, I mean it. I’ve been playing this album playlist almost every day since discovering it, so I probably account for a few thousand of the YouTube views.

I love the messages behind the songs especially the title track, Hills and Valleys. As a Christian, sometimes it’s hard to love God in the valley season and this song is such a great reminder to honour, love and praise God regardless of the season that He has you in.

I also love the music on this album and the vibe that he’s got throughout all the songs. I mean there’s even a cover of September by Earth Wind and Fire on it, hello! My favourite song is Supernatural, it gives me allllll the feels. It’s old school smooth with Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience swagger. Literally. Someone actually commented on that video to say “I found Chris Brown and Michael Jackson in gospel.” And there is no better description of the song, it’s all kinds of funky, good funky, like you want to park the car, turn on the headlights and have a dance party kinda F.U.N.K.Y.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’ll enjoy this album, well… that’s if you like good music! And if by some work of God Tauren Wells sees this post, my yute big up yourself, di ting shot!



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