Travel Essentials Part 1

These are a few of my favourite things!

I travel fairly often around Jamaica for my job and though I’ll just be a few hours at most from home, there are some things I cannot leave home without. These items each have a specific function in my bag, whether I’m staying for 2 days or 5. Here’s the breakdown:


  1. Bijoux Terner Toilettrie Bag: I can’t recall whether my mom gave this to me or I captured it, but I’ve had this bag for years, so long that I can’t remember. This is where I keep my essentials (tooth brush and paste, shower cap, cleanser and moisturiser etc) and it fits far more than you would think. It has two Velcro strips on the flap plus straps to tie it, keeping everything inside. I love this bag because not only is it functional, but the delicate floral design makes it a beautiful carrier for its utilitarian components and much cuter to pull out of your luggage than a Ziploc bag.
  2. Tech: Headphones and a phone charger are staples for life, but can be easily forgotten amidst everything else you’re packing. I always have my headphones with me particularly because I love relaxing in a hammock on the beach and watching Netflix. Don’t judge.
  3. A comfy t-shirt: Though I love me some Tori Kelly, the reason behind this shirt making the list doesn’t have to do with her. This is the softest shirt I own, hands down, and I absolutely love it! I always find myself putting into my suitcase whenever I travel because I enjoy wearing it so much. AND if all else fails I wear it to bed, like I did on my last trip to RIU when I realised I had forgotten PJs.
  4. Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser: If you’ve ever sat in my chair as a makeup client, I’ve told you about this product. I’ve been singing the praises of Aveeno ever since I started using them years ago. I can’t even begin to count the number of persons I’ve told about this product. It is AMAZING! This is my number 1 and only, holy grail cleanser. Also, not pictured here is the moisturiser from the same line, which literally goes immediately after the cleanser in my morning routine. Both the cleanser and moisturiser are proven to visibly even and brighten your skin over time and my face is proof of that. They make you look like your glowing from the inside. TRUST ME, give it a try!
  5. A good book: At the time this photo was taken I was reading this book, A Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers Β (beautiful story of redemption and grace, comment below if you want a review), but like the t-shirt, the title is not as important. Whenever I go to a hotel, I love having a good book to read, so that whenever I get the chance to lounge, and especially if there is poor WiFi, I’ve always got something to do.

That’s it! Well… for now. Stay tuned for some more of my favourite items to travel with including pink glasses, a purple scarf and a bright green bag. It’s gonna get very colourful!


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