My name is Charissa and I’ve got an exceptional amount of thoughts that I’d like to share. Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll see me talk about anything in life: things from my life that I hope will help you in yours. I’m ย 20+ and live in Jamaica, live and love to dance and work in hospitality. I’m also a makeup artist, wedding planner and director of a dance company. You can check me out on the following sites:


For more information, email me at charissaallwood@gmail.com. For makeup bookings or to see my portfolio, visit my makeup website. For information on my weddings packages visit my wedding planning website.


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  1. Christina Douglas says:

    hey girl, i am soooooooo happy for u!!! I’m a sucker for true, God-based, everlasting, mind-bobbling, toe-tingling, head spinning love. i wish u the very best on ur beautiful journey in discovering God’s perfect plan for u guys. love u always
    ps. u may not knw me..i use to dance at praise with ur sister ^ ^.


    1. CharissaZoe says:

      lol thanks Christina! Yes I remember you ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. slove88 says:

    Like the new layout. Good to see you writing again.


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