The most important question…. what am I going to wear?

So you all know that the wedding planning has officially started and things are on their way. Soon you’ll see me counting down and blabbing about peonies and the fact that they don’t grow here ( seriously I’m not amused). For now though my attention is elsewhere as I have to answer the most important…

He Put a Ring on It!

For all my friends who are far away and haven’t yet seen the gem that brightens up my life…. here’s a quick look.         Shine bright like a diamond! ~    

Let the Planning Begin

Honey and I met with our wedding planner ( my mentor and good friend who just happens to be an amazing wedding planner) a few nights ago and it hit me…. This wedding is really happening. You know when you plan your fairytale dream wedding from the time you’re in high school (or younger) and…

The Next Chapter- He proposed!

My whole world changed this past weekend. In the blink of an eye everything changed. The moment that I had been dreaming about for years finally came on Saturday night. The love of my life, my heartbeat, proposed to me at my amazing surprise birthday + engagement party. I didn’t see it coming at all….